SerVi Ticket has been a leading provider in the ticket industry for over a decade.  We offer high-quality services and provide the best ticket selections to live event fans. SerViTicket, which was founded on the belief that stressed on the ease of purchasing event tickets, now offers its services at discount prices, features full order support, and provides a complete 100% Buyer Guarantee to ensure clients return to them for all their games, shows, and theater ticket needs.

We make it easy for you to locate the best seats.

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SerViTicket makes it more convenient for you to locate the best seats or sell them fast by providing the best deals available, 360-degree virtual seat views and price notifications.

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  • With our Servi Ticket Guarantee, you will get authentic event tickets or receive your money back.
  • If you have a problem with your order, we offer full support by getting you replacement tickets.
  • A Complete refund if your event has been cancelled and not rescheduled.

Sell Your Tickets Safely and Securely:

  • We make it free to list your tickets.
  • Set your price and change it anytime you want before your ticket sells.
  • Quick and Problem-free delivery service followed by payment at your convenience.
  • We ensure communication with the buyers.

Our Guarantee covers only tickets bought or sold at SerViTicket sites or SerViTicket mobile apps.

Our data specialists at SerViTicket have made it easier for you by giving you the option of sorting by ‘best value’.

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Purchase at SerViTicket, Sell at SerViTicket! List your bought tickets in only a couple of clicks.

Sync your SerViTicket app to your music library and receive alerts when your favorite artists are within your area.

No need for outdated printers. Simply scan your phone at the gate to get into events faster as this service is now available for several events listed at SerViTicket.

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Can’t Get a Loan To Buy Tickets? Here’s How To Fix Your Credit.

We’ve all been in a situation where we need a loan to buy concert or sports tickets.  These days tickets can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and sometimes we don’t have that kind of money available.  That’s why you may want to look into to getting a short term online loan to make that once in a lifetime purchase.  But, did you know you probably won’t be approved if you have bad credit or no credit at all?  If you find yourself in this situation you’ll need to consider a credit restoration service.  Making the decision to repair credit could really be an overwhelming experience.  The credit repair could be done entirely by yourself.  But, there are many people who feel that they are not well fortified for the research required and all that it takes to complete the process when repairing credit. Instead, they use a list of credit repair services.  Many of these companies will pay off debts on behalf of the individual and restore their credit. When looking out for a company, some certain factors should be put in consideration.

Credit repair companies do not all operate in the same manner. It is greatly suggested that any person looking for the aid of a company should locate a trustworthy company with many years of involvement in providing this service to its clients. It is also advisable to obtain the licensing number as well as the state where it operates to communicate with the Better Business Bureau to verify the company and also get more details about them. In this case, a background check is necessary as it could stop you from making the mistake of choosing a company with a poor rating from its previous customers. Also, it will also protect you from being swindled.

Another thing to note when you consider a third-party company is to think through what they can do to help you in the repair of your credit. Companies that state that they can wipe your credit report from any form of negativity are untruthful companies.  Much like when buying or booking tickets online, it’s important to shop around and find the best credit repair services. It is not likely to remove items from a report if the negative item has validity. The only possible means a credit repair company could remove negative items successfully is with the help of a credit reporting agency who can remove the items if there is a sort of inconsistency.

In addition, credit repair companies cannot give any assurance that they will be able to reduce the debt of a person, they can have talks with the creditor for a lower settlement of debt but eventually, the creditor still has to make the decision whether to agree to the lower amount of the debt settlement. The credit repair company has as much responsibility as you do when it comes to negotiating terms, reaching out to your creditors etc. These are factors to be thoroughly considered before choosing a company to help with your personal finances.

Choosing an online company is not a decision that should be taken lightly as the services offered are not free of charge. You should carefully evaluate if paying a company for your credit repair is worth it. This is because the assistance and consulting you get can be something you can do yourself if you are curious about learning how to repair your credit.  As you know, this website is about ways to book tickets for concerts and sporting events.  Even though we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic and most sporting events are paused, our company is still up and running. We hope to see live events back up and running in March 2021.  That should give you enough time to fix your credit!

You can communicate with creditors to decide on settlements and early payoffs.  This method will not only improve your score with the bureaus, it will also help when you want to purchase tickets for a concert or ballgame down the road.  It’s always best to make contacts with the 3 main credit bureaus for the disputing of items. To avoid making the same wrong mistakes financially, you will need to find a reputable financial counseling service, but to save cost you can use several apps on budgeting to help you manage your finances properly. If you think that you need the help of credit repair companies make sure you have a proper understanding of the charges and fees to be incurred while using their services.

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