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F.A.Q – SerViTicket


How do I change my account password or email address?

You can change your login details at any time as long as you are signed in to your account. To do this, just click on ‘My Account’ and navigate to the login information where you will see an option to change your account password or email address.

When will the event begin?

Information regarding the start time of the event is found on your ticket, we also suggest checking the local media or the official website of the venue to ensure you arrive on time.

Where is the venue?

As a marketplace, the information we can share regarding this issue is very limited, but you can visit the venue website to check for helpful information on the travel location.

Can you make a commitment to our charity event?

SerViTicket is a marketplace that provides a platform for people to buy and sell tickets, so the tickets listed on the site do not belong to us and unfortunately, cannot be donated because of this. We suggest that you contact the local venues or promoters who might have the capacity to help if you are interested.

How can I check my order details?

An email will be sent to confirm your selection as soon as you have successfully placed your order. Please check your junk mail folder if the time of your booking has exceeded 24 hours as emails can be sent there sometimes due to your spam filter settings. If you are still unable to access the confirmation email, please contact us and we will be able to confirm your order status and resend your confirmation.

Can I change my tickets to e-tickets?

It would not be possible because we do not own the tickets and the type of ticket depends on what the seller has purchased, so, unfortunately, we are not capable of making this change.

What is the cost of delivery?

A reliable courier service (like UPS) is usually in charge of ticket delivery so you will be able to view the postage cost calculated on the order summary as soon as you’ve entered your delivery address.

How to do I determine if a SerViTicket I purchased on eBay, Gumtree or a related site is authentic?

You need to be careful when purchasing tickets from eBay, Gumtree or any related sites as there have been some occurrences where sellers have sent forged SerViTicket order confirmations trying to deceitfully sell tickets that do not exist. Please contact us on + 65 7756 2200 if you have bought one of such tickets from these sites and your seller has sent you a confirmation order.

How do I completely delete my account?

We humbly accept your decision to leave us. Please use the ‘Ask a Question’ tab above to request the cancellation of your account but make sure you have no unfinished sales or purchases first so we can close the account accordingly.

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