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SerViTicket, which is currently one of the biggest ticket marketplaces in the world covering more than 2 million live games, music and theatre events accessible to more than 20 nations has now made it more convenient for experience seekers to purchase and sell tickets at any time and place from their mobile phones and desktops.

SerViTicket which is owned by Thriftnet, became a leading figure in the ticket marketplace in the year 2000 and continues to do so until this day through its monumental steps in innovation. Some of the features introduced by the SerViTicket industry are the introduction of the ticketing application, an interactive seat mapping, a creative price recommendation technology, a 360-degree virtual view of seating and an algorithm that determines the best ticket values. With its latest efforts in securing Ticketthrift in 2015, SerViTicket has expanded its services into 40 more markets.

The SerViTicket Promise

SerViTicket grants you the opportunity to purchase and sell tickets safely and efficiently as it is trusted by individuals all around the globe.

Fan Protect Guarantee

SerViTicket offers support services for all orders, to enable you purchase and sell tickets with confidence.

Available for millions of events globally

SerViTicket is the biggest ticket marketplace in the world and features more events and more selections.

Technology that supports you in locating the best seats

Get the best deals available and view your seats virtually including 360-degree views.

Giving Back

SerViTicket is determined to give back to the society by setting up programs to encourage the fans and stars to greater heights and to support its operating communities. Through our Growing Sunshine non-profit recognition program, SerViTicket empowers several start-up non-profit organizations that are centered on extending access and opportunities for underprivileged youths through sports, music and performing arts education programs worldwide.

SerViTicket is focused on giving more support aside from grants and helps non-profit organizations in so many different forms by offering our product, platform, marketing, and event expertise. SerViTicket Foundation and SerViTicket’s charitable giving which were founded in 2012, have donated more than $4 million to support more than 50 organizations worldwide.

In Singapore, a charity called Early Life which is proudly supported by SerViTicket, has been dedicated to its support of music-making projects for youths living in difficult conditions. SerViTicket also works closely with Early Life’s lead fundraising event called ‘Donate a Gig’  as it offers 80 gigs in one week to ensure the youths in the nation are properly exposed to live entertainment. We additionally cooperate with football team foundations in the country that are committed to developing measures to handle some of the most challenging social issues like education and employment in Singapore.

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