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5 Tips To Score Completely Free Concert Tickets

Are you looking to score cheap or free concert tickets? There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, and these days you take a few minutes and find numerous ways to get free tickets to any of the top concerts or events in your area. Don’t spend top dollar when many of these concert promoters and event staffs are literally giving away tickets for free!

Read these tricks from the Serviticket staff on how you can get free concert tickets with little to no work at all. Many of these tips have been working for years with no problems. Yu don’t have to put much work in to be rewarded with any of the 5 methods listed below!


5 Tips To Get Free Concert Tickets

1. Check with the venue. Many times, venues will release a limited number of free tickets for their shows. You can check with the box office or customer service to see if this is an option for the show you’re interested in. Even though you’re likely looking for a free ticket and those do exist, there may also be some highly discounted concert tickets released by the venue at the last minute. Another option is to show up after the concert has started and see if you can still get into the venue for free without a ticket!

2. Enter a contest. There are often radio stations and website contests where you can win free tickets to see your favorite bands. Anytime a major music event or well known artist is playing in your city you can bet to see dozens of tickets given away on local tv and radio stations. On top of that, there are also bound to be giveaways and other promos online that are geared toward fans looking for free event tickets. Make sure to read the fine print so you know how many tickets you’ll receive and if there are any other restrictions.

3. Go to an industry event. If you work in the music industry or know someone who does, there are often Industry Nights where free tickets are given out to professionals in the business. This is a great way to not only get free event tickets but also to network with other music industry professionals who may have their own free or highly discounted concert tickets to give out sometime in the future!

4. Be a street team member. Street teams are groups of people who help promote shows and events in their area. In return for their help, they usually receive free tickets to the shows they’re promoting. You can sign up to be a street team member on many bands and event websites. The best part is that anyone can sign up to be a member of a group or even with a service like this. It doesn’t take long to get fully signed up and most banks and music groups will also have free items that they give away in addition to tickets.

5. Follow the bands and venues you love on social media. Many times, bands and venues will hold social media contests where fans can win free tickets just by liking, sharing, or commenting on a post. These contests are usually announced with plenty of time before the event, so make sure you’re following all your favorite bands and venues on social media to have a chance to win any free concert ticket.


Score Free Event & Concert Tickets Today

Those are the SerViTicket top 5 ways to get free concert and event tickets and hopefully, you can be successful with our tips. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get free or highly discounted tickets. Besides those 5 you can also try looking for free guest list tickets, using a service like ours to get free or highly discounted tickets, or even try your luck with ticket brokers! Just remember that it never hurts to ask and the worst thing that can happen is they say no. So go out there and enjoy some free concerts on us!

Ticket resale sites are great places to look for free concert tickets. Often people will buy tickets for an event but then realize they can’t go, so they’ll sell their tickets at a discount on one of these platforms. You can also try Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but be careful of scams! Also, check with your local college – many times students will have free or very discounted tickets to shows as part of their school’s programming.

Another great way to get free concert tickets is to go to the box office or customer service and see if they have any returned or unclaimed tickets. Many times people will buy tickets but then not be able to use them for one reason or another, so the box office will end up with extras. You can also try showing up after the concert has started and seeing if you can get in without a ticket – sometimes venues will let people in for free if they’re already inside!


How The Staff Of SerViTicket Has Scored Free Concert Tickets

It turns out that we also like free tickets and our staff has used the tips shown above to score tickets to dozens of free concerts and sporting events. The best advice we can recommend is to take your time and strategically plan how you will get your free tickets. There may even be a chance where you can stumble across multiple free or discounted concert tickets and in that case we hope you would pay it forward and give out your own free tickets to someone who’s also looking!


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